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With our services, we aim to provide companies with high-qualified personnel from Ukraine and on the other side, we want to help talented and motivated Ukrainian people find the job of their dreams.

Furthermore, you can contact us in matters of Student Programs, Internships and Au-Pair Programs.

How does it work?
First you will have to register on our website. You will have to fill out all the fields in the form and give us some general information about personnel you are looking for. You can find this form in the menu “For Companies” or just clicking “Registration” above.
2 Step: Upload Job Offers
You can upload your own job offers or you can just provide us with all the necessary information about the position and the requirements for the candidates. If needed, we will contact you to discuss particular matters.
3 Step: Choosing the Applicant
After processing your request, we will present you candidates, which mostly match your requirements and preferences. All the CV´s that you will receive are structured in the same way so that you have a better clarity choosing the right one.
4 Step: Video Interview
Once you have chosen one or more suitable candidates you will have the opportunity to get to know them per Video Chat. If you do not have time for that, we offer you to make a Video Interview with Applicants and send it straight to you. Then you will be able to check it any time later.
5 Step: Making Decision
As soon as you have chosen the proper person, we will start preparing all the needed documents for getting a visa. We will also contact you to ask for the documents needed from your side.
6 Step: Trip Preparation
After successful visa obtainment we will follow up with organizing the trip of your new employees to your company, starting from booking the tickets, accommodation and supporting them upon arrival.
For Applicants

It is hard to believe, but there is really a serious problem in finding qualified employees in some fields in Germany. That‘s why specialists from other countries are welcomed. High-qualified personnel has good working conditions and a high salary. Students have the opportunity to collect a unique experience doing an internship in one of the German companies or spending a year with a German family. Every program has particular conditions and requirements. and we will choose the right one for You. Fill out our Application Form and we will choose the right one for You.

For Companies
For Companies
Lack of specialists in many fields has become a serious problem meanwhile. Ukrainian work force is a perfect solution in matters of meeting the demand for qualified employees. Ukraine has a huge potential in high-qualified personnel. People are permanently searching for better work opportunities because of the low level of wages in the country and the lack of vacant positions. That is why they are looking for prospects that work abroad can offer them. Our main task is therefore to bring supply (international companies) and demand (Ukrainian jobseekers) together. Furthermore, we aim to perform efficient and reliable results, from which employer as well as employees will profit. Our German company has Ukrainian «roots», which means that we know very well how to deal with both labor markets. Probably, many European companies did not even think of hiring personnel from non-EU countries, as it requires particular knowledge of culture, laws and language. Therefore, we offer you our services. So now, also You can become a lucky employer for many motivated professionals from Ukraine.
Our Services
  • Professional and reliable recruitment of high-qualified personnel .
  • Direct approach of the candidates in a targeted country through announcements in regional job markets.
  • Generation of informative application documents.
  • Creation of video interviews with candidates if needed.
  • Examination of language skills of applicants.
  • Language courses. We offer the opportunity to bring language proficiency of the applicants in a short time on the desired level.
  • Verification of the professional qualifications acquired abroad Translation of all required documents in German.
  • Direct communication with applicants through our platform. Get more information straight from the candidates. No more expenses on international phone calls.
  • Support in integration after recruitment. We help your new employees organizing their trip to your company, arranging accommodation and much more.
  • Fair and flexible contract conditions. We work on a success basis.
Anna Voitenko

Anna Voitenko

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Anna Voitenko

Roy van den Hurk

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Email: royvandenhurk@raj-personalservices.de